Join Us for the RISC-V University Demo Day!

On Thursday (June 27) the demo theatre is the stage for universities and research institutions. They can showcase their exciting research results in the form of hardware or software demonstrators.

Calling all universities and research institutions passionate about RISC-V technology! We’re thrilled to invite you to our RISC-V University Demo Day, where academia meets innovation in the realm of RISC-V and open-source hardware and software.

RISC-V has emerged as a leading architecture, offering flexibility, scalability, and openness like never before. In Europe, universities and research institutions have been at the forefront of RISC-V research, driving groundbreaking advancements that have the potential to shape the future of computing.

This demo day is your opportunity to showcase your cutting-edge RISC-V research results, whether they are hardware prototypes, software demonstrators, or innovative applications. Whether you’re exploring novel RISC-V processor designs, optimizing software stacks for RISC-V architectures, or pushing the boundaries of RISC-V-based IoT devices, we want to hear from you!

By participating in the RISC-V University Demo Day, you’ll not only have the chance to share your work with fellow researchers, industry professionals, and enthusiasts but also contribute to building excitement and momentum around RISC-V adoption in various industries.

Let’s come together to unlock the full potential of RISC-V and shape the future of computing, one demo at a time!


  • The university demo day is limited to universities and research institutions (worldwide)
  • Demonstrators can be results from joint projects with industry, but the focus must be clearly on the academic partner(s)
  • Presentations are limited to an overview slide
  • The actual demo should showcase your great results, either around a chip, FPGA or software
  • Viewers should understand the relevance of your demonstrator to the growing RISC-V ecosystem


To create the best experience of this unique opportunity, we require you to share a brief video of your proposed demonstration. This does not have to be of very high quality and be the final demonstration, but it is important for us to understand maturity of the demonstrator and the learning from your demonstration. Just use your powerful smartphone to show us what you plan to present!

We accept submissions anytime, and will try to confirm the demo within five days to ease your planning.

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